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Facility Designs

Office Furnishings | Interior Design


System Furniture

Your people work best when they come together as a team to achieve a common purpose. Why not expect the same from the components in your workspace? From dividers to workstations, we'll help you create custom systems that work well together.


We consider the humble chair to be the single most important piece of furniture in the office. And we prove it by offering a complete selection of task chairs that deliver comfort, performance, value and style for a wide range of office environments.

Case Goods

How you furnish your business says more to your clients than the most compelling pitch or presentation. We can help you create professional offices, intimate conference rooms, collaborative workstations and more, all to convey your unique office culture.


Interior Design

Your business has a personality. So should your office. We'll help you convey it with interior design that brings out your unique aesthetic, culture and work style. The result? Happy employees. Higher productivity. Unmistakable personality.

Office Furnishings

Bland, generic furnishings speak volumes to your clients and employees…and none of it good. With our vast furniture options, you can create a workplace that keeps pace with your changing needs and communicates your commitment to comfort and style.